Fleet Resources

Clean Vehicles

Clean Vehicles provides grants to local governments, school districts, and businesses that operate in the region to accelerate the replacement of high-emitting, heavy-duty diesel trucks or buses with new, lower-emission vehicles. Grants are also available for alternative fuel vehicle projects and alternative fuel refueling stations.

  • Replaced over 3,100 vehicles and engines (including 677 school buses) since 2002
  • Disbursed over $23 million in grant funding since 2002
  • Reduced more than 110 tons of NOx in 2014

Grant amounts are based on emission reductions achieved and participants report on mileage and fuel use.

Clean School Bus

Begun in 1998 as the Adopt-A-School-Bus Program, the Clean School Bus program helps protect the health of children and their communities by providing grants to school districts to replace old buses with new, lower-emission buses. This program also promotes no-idling policies which further reduce exposure to harmful diesel exhaust. AERCO serves as the advisory board.

  • Replaced 110 school buses and engines since 1998
  • Disbursed more than $700,000 since 1998
  • Reduced 22 tons of NOx in 2014

Grant amounts are based on emission reductions as well as a needs assessment.

Regional Texas Emission Reductions Plan (TERP)

The TERP program provides grants to local governments and drayage or port truck operators to replace older heavy-duty diesel trucks and engines with newer, cleaner models. Notable projects include repowering the Harris County Lynchburg Ferries, yard truck replacement at the Port of Houston, and replacement of heavy-duty maintenance equipment in Chambers and Waller counties. The TERP program also provides grants for the Drayage Truck Program to replace drayage trucks that service regional ports.

  • Replaced 49 on-road heavy-duty trucks and 27 non-road equipment engines since 2010
  • Disbursed more than $3.8 million since 2010
  • Reduced nearly 45 tons of NOx in 2014

Clean Vessels and Equipment Program

Established in 2011, The Clean Vessels and Equipment Program provides grants for local governments and business to replace heavy-duty marine engines and construction equipment with newer, cleaner engines.

  • Replaced nine engines on four marine vessels since 2011
  • Disbursed more than $900,000 in grant funds since 2011
  • Reduced nearly 15 tons of NOx in 2014

Drayage Truck Program

Begun in 2009, The Drayage Truck Program supports the replacement of the older, dirtier diesel trucks that operate in and around area ports. The cost of newer, cleaner, and more reliable trucks is partially offset by grants received through the Clean Vehicles or Regional Texas Emission Reduction Plan Programs. Qualifying applicants also receive a low-interest loan to finance the remaining balance between the cost of the new truck and the grant.

  • Helped replace 210 drayage trucks since 2009
  • Disbursed more than $13.5 million in grant funding and $11 million in loan funding since 2009
  • Participating trucks reduced more than 100 tons of NOx in 2014

Applications are received on a rolling basis. Inquire to find out how much funding is available.