Clean Vehicles Program

   New truck grants for the Houston area    

Keep the air clean and support local energy with Clean Vehicles! Apply now to replace the trucks or buses of your business, local government, or school district. You can also apply to build an alternative fuel station.

School districts in particular can significantly reduce emissions by replacing an old substitute vehicle  with a brand-new vehicle, running the new vehicle on their longest route and shifting the routes of other vehicles.

Clean Vehicles accepts applications all the time, on a rolling basis. To learn how much funding is available, please call (832) 681-2578 or email

Application Forms

  • Read the Application Instructions to understand how to fill out the forms listed below.
  • Use the Accelerated Turnover Calculator spreadsheet to calculate whether your vehicles are eligible based on age and mileage.
  • Download the Clean Vehicles Application and navigate the Excel tabs along the bottom.
    • Applicant Basic Information Form
    • Signature Page
    • Baseline Vehicle Info Form* 
    • New On-Road Vehicle Info Form*

*These are required from every applicant.

Special Application Forms

  • For alternative fuel or charging stations, use the Fuel Station Cover Sheet, available for:
    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
    • Electric Charging Stations (EVSE)
    • Electrified Truck Stops
    • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
    • Propane (LPG)

This program is fuel-neutral. Other fuels or technologies may be eligible. Inquire to determine eligibility.